Moving out at 18 – Weighing up the options

I don’t know your situation I won’t make any grand statements on why it’s a good or bad decision. I’ll present the facts about moving out ,I’ll let you weigh up the options and make your own decision.

One thing I do know is what it takes to live on your own and some of the pro’s and con’s of moving out. It’s going to take a lot of work and you will have to make sacrifices and take the not so “fun” route more often then not, however for all these sacrifices there are equal (I believe greater) benefits of moving out.

The benefits of moving out

Become stronger. I know stronger is a vague term, living out on your own you have to develop in so many different ways when you’re out in the real world that forces you to grow as a person

Learn to adapt. One of the catches of living at home is that you aren’t ever faced with any REAL problems or that many problems.

Unparalled freedom. You can invite people whenever, you aren’t held accountable or be reprimanded. You have an unlimited amount of optoins. Although this can be a double edged sword

Learn the value of money.  Your perspective about money will change. Buying a new shirt is no longer $30 but food for a week. Your money management skills and ability to budget will develop.

Improved time management. You will value your time more and make the most of your time. You spend more time on daily chores and managing aspects, when you have some spare time you make the most out of it.


The costs of moving out

It costs a lot . Feel free to consult my article to see. There are a lot of small expenses which add up to a large sum e.g. public transport costs and coffee.

More chores. Cleaning is forever, you will undoubtedly have to do more chores when you’re out on your own.

Less time. You will have to work and be more organised, this will take time and will most likely eat up a fair chunk of social time.

More responsibility. With complete freedom comes great responsbility. It’s up to you and only to make sure that bills get paid on time. Although I views as a +ve, when you first move out this probably will be more of a negative. The main point is you are far more accountable for actions.

Become an adult faster. You will have to become more responsible and lose some of that carefree attitude which you can have when you’re at home with the parents.

Less savings. You will be spending a lot more when you’re living on your own, you won’t be able to buy as much or go on holiday nearly as easily.

The little things. You won’t have food waiting for you whenever you get home or be able to have ready access to advice from your parents. Or just the normal sounds that you hear at home.

It will get lonely – Without a doubt, it can get lonely from time to time.


Some other advice on moving out as a teenager.

When you’re moving out, make sure you look thoroughly into where you are moving. Do lots of research.
It’s not all glitz and glamour, chances are you don’t know half of what it takes to live by yourself, that’s not a bad thing, it just means the first weeks or even months are going to be hard. It will test you when you found a room mate has stolen from you, or that you miss your best friend’s birthday party because you’re working. But that’s just the reality of living on your own. You will have to make sacrifices for that freedom.

If you’re taking on higher learning.

If you want to take on higher learning, prepare to cut back on your social life. If you were to get paid an average waiter salary, you’ll most likely have to work at a minimum of 25 hours a week to cover your living costs. On top of this you will have to attend school and then study on top of that. It takes a big effort to do that for years on end. But having said that you will become a MUCH stronger person for doing this. You will be much better at adapting and dealing with anything that comes your way.
Any challenge thrown your

Final words

Lastly i highly recommend writing down your reason for moving out, be honest with yourself. Then come back to it a day later and see if they’re still logical. Weigh up your options and see if moving out is the right option.


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